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Post-Flop Poker Strategy

If you have an ace or two overcards on the flop then you can bet, but don't think that doing so commits you to see your hand through to completion. If a player raises you then now is not the time to test your luck - just fold.

If someone bets before you and you have an ace or two overcards then a call is permissible, but only so that you can see the turn. If the fourth community card doesn't improve your hand then fold if someone else bets.

If you have very strong hole cards (A-K, A-Q or A-J) and you don't mind a little risk, there is nothing to stop you calling a raise if you think you can improve your hand, but you still want the turn to improve your hand.

Small Pair With High Kicker

If you have a small pair with a high kicker after the flop (for example hole cards of A6o and flop 246 then you can afford to call a raise to see the turn. However, you should still be looking to improve your hand and exercise caution if someone bets before you on the turn. Technically, of course, you will probably only get to this point with a hand like A6o (off-suit) by limping in, otherwise you aren't playing strategically, are you?

Ace high?

If the flop includes an ace, a bluff bet will usually cause your opponents to fold unless they have improved their own hands, have an ace in the hole or tend to play like fish. Of course, the more players there are at the table, the less chance there is that everyone will fold, but your bet should at least narrow down the field.

Blind bet on the turn?

If everyone checks on the flop, a blind bet on the turn is another way of getting players to fold, but remember that loose players may call your bet regardless, hence the term "calling station" for such a player. Also note that any of your opponents could have improved their hand for real with the turn card, so don't get attached to your bluff.

Beware of short-stacked players

If a player is short-stacked they will be looking for opportunities to move all-in, either by calling you and raising with a good hand or bluffing. With one or more players like this at the table it is sensible to tighten your game and only play hands you are willing to play aggressively, which means no bluffing.

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