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Playing Weak Poker Opponents

As crazy as it may sound one of the biggest difficulties faced when playing online poker is weak opponents, players with less understanding of the intricacies of Texas Holdem. You need to know how to play online poker against weak opponents to avoid being dragged down to their level and receiving some big and somewhat frustrating beats at the virtual felt.

You must always keep in mind that weak or less experienced online poker players, of which there are many about especially at lower stakes games, won’t understand the deeper levels to your play so they may well fail to see you bluff or they will see flop after flop with almost any two cards. As weaker opponents don’t understand Texas Holdem in as much depth as stronger players they will quite often fail to see, let alone be drawn into advanced strategies.

To make the most and lose the least when facing weak online poker players don’t over complicate things. Your best way to play hands of Texas Holdem against weaker opponents is to play strong power-poker. What we mean by this is make assertive obvious plays. The weaker opponent won’t understand your fancy check raises so don’t waste chips or opportunities using them. Simply play to the strength of your hand. For example, you could have trips and bet through a hand the weaker player will call through the hand with two pair or even a pair because weak players call with weak hands. They will often pay to take a chance on a draw, a draw which can often lose you the pot so you need to make bigger bets once your sure you have the strongest hand because the more cards then come down, the more vulnerable your hand often gets.

A good way to identify if a weaker opponent has nothing is if they check after the flop and the turn. Weak players will only bet if they have a hand, it only needs to be bottom pair with a flush draw but if they have no hand they will generally only check. Weak players like to see loads of action too. They want to see flop after flop, more often than not with cards that are mediocre at best. If you’re a stronger and more experienced online poker player you understand that if you don’t have the cards you don’t play. But it’s often not that much fun for the impatient weaker players to just sit waiting for their next cards when what they should be doing is paying absolute attention to detail regarding the other players betting and play. Wait for your moment and don’t get drawn into the weaker opponent’s quest for excitement.

As a final thought it may also be worth pointing out that even if an online poker player is absolutely terrible at the game the cards don’t know that. You must always respect the fact that even the worst players in the game hit killer flops, more often than not in fact due to their thirst to see some action and their willingness to pay to see them, which you can exploit of course.

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