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Track Your Poker Achievements at 32 Red

When learning a new skill, there are all kinds of methods people use to track their progress. Joggers can track their running times using fitness apps linked to their smartphones and golf players use the handicap system. Now, poker players at 32 Red can track their progress by using the brand new Poker Achievements feature!

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The Achievements feature is designed to make the process of mastering poker skills more fun and satisfying, as well providing recognition of the player’s accomplishments. As the player undertakes certain tasks, such as playing in a tournament or cash game, they are awarded points which will then convert into Badges as certain requirements are met.

The system is made up of the following features:

  • Tasks: Each Achievement is made up of a series of tasks which must be completed. Tasks include taking part in a scheduled tournament or being dealt a certain number of hands.
  • Pips: Pips are points which are collected as the player undertakes various tasks.
  • Badges: Each time the player masters an Achievement, they will receive a Badge. The difficulty of the task is measured in Pips. So, the harder the task, the more Pips required to gain a Badge.

The most recent Badge a player has received will be displayed next to their avatar on the table whenever they take a seat in a game. However, players can opt to change the Badge displayed if they have achieved a task they are particularly proud of or if they have a Badge more suited to the game being played.

Not only can players track their own progress but they can also get competitive by comparing their own Achievements to those of fellow poker players by clicking on their opponents Badge. However, players who prefer to track their progress secretly can click the Privacy button at the bottom of the Achievement page to ensure their Badges cannot be seen by others.

Whether you’re an amateur poker player looking to improve your rankings or a seasoned expert who wants to make the competition quake in their boots, there is no doubt that 32 Red’s new Achievements system will add a thrilling new edge to the game.

Better still, all new players at 32 Red are currently receiving a Welcome Bonus of up to US$1,000, entry into the US$500 New Player Freerolls and 30% Rakeback every time they play. So what are you waiting for?

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