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Online poker starts poker explosion in India

A huge change in the habits of card players in India has taken place almost overnight.  Over the last few years the favoured card game in India has switched from rummy to poker and it would appear as though online poker started the poker explosion in India.  Card players in India who were looking for some action turned to online poker as a way to getting a game and it has since quickly become a part of the Indian culture.

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Players from all walks of life in India have created an underground poker circuit.  These players could be students, business men, factory workers or even school teachers.  Poker has literally swept India by storm.  There a many well organised live poker games played across India with varying stakes including reasonably high stakes at some poker tables.

Two of the poker hotspots are Mumbai and Delhi.  The first official poker tournament took place in Mumbai last year with a buy-in of 5,000 Rupees and respectable turnout of 85 poker players.  There have also since been a number of official live poker tournaments held in Delhi.

Online poker seems to have been the gateway to poker for many Indians.  Poker sites like PokerStars and Party Poker have been big hits in India, allowing poker to be accessed by millions of Indian card players looking for some action.

Online poker may have started the poker explosion in India but it has also been assisted by overseas students who have studied in poker playing countries in Europe and in the US, who have then returned with their new game, excited to show it to their friends making poker a permanent fixture at card tables across India.

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