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InterPoker Bad Beat Jackpot is climbing

InterpokerThe Bad Beat Jackpot is one of the most popular online poker promotions to be found at InterPoker, which offers one lucky player a massive payout for facing a ‘bad beat’ while playing at special tables. This great promotion also offers cash prizes to the player who wins the hand plus all other players who are dealt into the hand and right now the InterPoker Bad Beat Jackpot is climbing.

The actual figure that the InterPoker Bad Beat Jackpot currently stands at is €783,659, up from €783,469 when the page was first opened. The jackpot has a guaranteed starting value of €100,000 but is often higher than that as one fifth of the jackpot amount, when it’s won, is used to reseed the jackpot, which would mean that the jackpot would start at €156,731.80 should it be won right now. This means that, more often than not, the jackpot is a grand figure to play for immediately after it has been won.

To be in with a chance of winning the Bad Beat Jackpot you must play online poker at specific Bad Beat Jackpot cash tables, which takes 50 cents from every raked pot and adds it to the jackpot fund. Any player who loses a hand playing four-of-a-kind, six’s or better will win a massive prize but you don’t have to face the bad beat yourself to win a share of the jackpot fund. Take a look at the figures below to see how InterPoker distributes each jackpot fund.

  • 35% - Player who faces the bad beat
  • 17.5% - Player who wins the hand
  • 17.5% - All other players dealt into the hand
  • 10% - Admin fee
  • 20% - To reseed the next Bad Beat Jackpot fund

If you want to join the action at the InterPoker cash tables for a chance to win a massive jackpot click the InterPoker banner above and register for a free online poker account in minutes.

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